Ok. Enough now Mr Tomic 

Is this guy for real? Does he actually understand the words coming out of his mouth?

Bernard… you need to sack your PR team. Although it’s not like it’s a huge waste of money for you. More of a ‘peanuts’ expenditure.

But what is he thinking when he is openly saying these things to reporters?

Is he a child?

I know he works hard for his money, and good on him for throwing a party. I’m sad I missed it to be honest.

But of all the things he could have said to justify the event.

“I just wanted to do something fun with my friends with the money I had earned”

“I just for paid for my US Open appearance and wanted to head out without being recognised”

But no. He chooses to basically boast that he has nothing better to do with his millions then buy booze and hire out clubs.

Bernard, do you know what charity is? Do you know what family is? Do you know what investing is?

Because there’s a few options for you. 

Buy a house. It’s not quite peanuts, closer to a bag of macadamias perhaps.

Oh and maybe just stop talking. 

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