Burka madness

The burka…to ban or not to ban. If people want to wear a burka, just let them.

There is no way of tracking the ban anyways. Whats to stop me from wrapping a sheet around my head, so it replicates a burka but is actually just a girl with a sheet on her head?

“I’m just a ghost,” I would argue.

Or ET perhaps….

But seriously, what would happen? I get fined for wearing a costume?

Would a police officer actually stop someone in the street and ask them whats on their head?

“Excuse me Miss, are you Muslim or ET?”

The whole concept of it is to keep their heads covered right? So if it is banned, they can actually dress up in costume to cover their heads can’t they?

Does this still fall in line with their beliefs? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a burka does it? 

So it doesn’t have to be sheet either I guess. It could be a superhero. Or a giant panda.

Or Darth Vader, or corn on the cob.


This would be brilliant. Imagine the streets being filled with fancy dress attire, wandering around in and out of offices, ordering coffee and lunching.

Suddenly I would want to visit a mosque just to see the array of characters inside, praying all together.

It would be like Comicon all year round. 

And suddenly… Im wondering whether they should actually ban the burka so I can get away with going to work dressed as a minion. 

Published by dannanddoofa

Single blogger who wants to make all the ladies laugh out loud at life's small misfortunes .

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