Just what you always wanted 

Next time you go on a trip and forget to get someone a gift… Brissy airport has got you covered.

“I spent two weeks on the Gold Coast and here’s your gift baby…

“I got you the jackaroo mix and a low carb mix for your parents.”

Switch the sign Brisbane.

I think the reason they went with “Gift Food” was because they couldn’t find a sign for “Really expensive handful of peanuts with one or two macadamias in each bag to demolish while your queueing up to board”

Nice try. But even tourists aren’t that dumb.

Although I bought a bag. And it didn’t even make it to my seat. 

Maybe if I was sitting at the front of the plane it would have lasted.

I think I ran out somewhere around 5F.

Should have saved the whole bag for a gift for my sister upon return. 

Or just bought her a Fitbit with the same amount of money. 

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