Bachelorettes all confused

So…The Bachelor. Do you notice that at the start, like from the very first cocktail party, the women all claim that Matty B is their perfect match, and they can see themselves falling in love with him, and he is everything they ever wanted and they’re just meant to be together and he is the one they have been waiting for all their life.


YOU JUST MET. They get all that from saying hello, a hand shake and a peck on the cheek.

If that’s all it takes, how are these women still single?

Surely they have been greeted by a man before?

Now that women are being eliminated, they have been doing brief TV interviews because lets be honest, thats why they came on to the show. For a role on TV and home and away, and then to wait for channel 10 to come up with some other reality TV show that is advertised 600 times a day, airs for the first time on a Sunday night at 7:30 and then gets put on a Tuesday night at 11:30 the next week because ratings are low.

Newsflash: Australia actually wants a qualified host, not an aspiring bimbo who looks good in a bikini and heels.

But more to the point, on these interviews they always get asked “Are you sad you didn’t get a rose? Did you like Matty?”

And they always respond “Ohhh, well I didn’t really know him. We only saw the guy once a week. We had one five minute conversation. So it’s ok that I left the show.”


My how things turn around quickly.

Another one of those situations where I feel sympathy for males, with women’s crazy mood swings.

Can you imagine if Matty B gets to the end, picks ‘The One” and she turns around and says “I don’t actually really know you well enough to be in a relationship Matty.”

Or “I’m actually looking for someone more career focused.”

Because if that was the case, how could they ever bring that up throughout the show anyways?

Surely there must be something about the guy that is a deal breaker for one or more of the women.

But they would not dare sacrifice their opportunity to be one of Irene’s foster kids on the next season of Home and Away.

That Irene…always picks the attractive ones to re-home doesn’t she. Saucy minx.

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