A fashionable shower

I came across a Peter Alexander shower cap online today that cost $35.95.

I mean, I know Peter Alexander is a good brand and I’m happy to fork out a few extra bucks for a great set of PJ’s. 

But a shower cap. Seriously. I mean… that’s a Friday Frenzy airfare between Adelaide and Melbourne. 

If I forked out that much money for a shower cap, I wouldn’t want to get it wet. Which defeats the purpose.

Who even compliments or notices a shower cap?

And who has that much money to fork out just so that there are pretty patterns on their head while they are scrubbing their bush.

Like, it’s on your head. You can’t even see it yourself.

Just tie your hair up in a bun. Unless your literally showering under a waterfall you should be right.

The poor kid who asks for an icecream and mum says no because she splurged on an accessory that does the same thing a rubber band can achieve.

I think this mum would be the kind of person who would call the council to complain about and Ice cream van playing music down their street. 

Maybe sell the cap on eBay and use the $$$ to stop the van and buy your daughter a sherbet soft serve. 

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