Crying over a tune

Ok Aussies.

Enoughs enough. As if our first world problems weren’t dumb enough, this one has topped them all.

Residents are actually complaining that an icecream van plays the music too loud, and have gone to council to shut it up.

Because it must be so hard when they get out of their Egyptian cotton sheets bed, and have to crack their own eggs for their benedict breakfast, followed by a warm shower and then having to get into a car and drive all the way to a job where people wear shoes and are earning $$$ rather then cents. 

So much problems, heaven forbid among this hectic morning you have to tolerate music coming down your street.

It’s not like it’s the theme from Saw either. Or death metal. Or Justin Beiber. It’s a nice melody.

If you want to stop the noise just get an icecream. Don’t actually go above the van operator as if they are breaking the law.

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