Bouncers be bouncers

Did you hear the one about the Danish prince who tried to walk into a bar and was refused entry because he had no ID?

This is brilliant.

What’s better then the bouncers not even knowing who he was, is that once they realised they still refused him entry because actually had no ID.

Because if they let him in, it would have been an invitation to all royal look alikes to get into any bar or club or casino they wanted to, with no ID and regardless of age.

But can we say we are even surprised that the bouncers didn’t know who he was?

Most bouncers wouldn’t even recognise Prince Harry, yet alone any other European royal.

It’s like a 2 week course to become one, and other then that I feel like it would just entail a series of alternate leg and shoulder days which doesn’t require a high school finish yet alone any other qualification.

Why on earth would someone like this happen to know who the Prince of Denmark? The only time he would even say Denmark is if he said “you check their ID den mark it down on the sheet once you let them in.”

We all know bouncers only recognise two types of people. Hot chicks and relatives. And these are the only people they would ever let in without ID, regardless of age or intoxication status or how they are dressed. 

I’m telling you now, if the prince had returned with fake boobs, heels, shaved legs and blonde hair extensions he wouldn’t have had a problem.

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