Poor Matty J

Poor Matty.

First he gets crushed by the Bachelorette, and now channel 10 have set him up with strippers.

Those budget cuts must have affected their vetting procedures.

He seemed pretty annoyed about the whole situation, because the girls had not come and told him about their pasts.

To be fair though…when were they supposed to tell him? Both girls had not had much one on one time with Matty, and neither had a single date either.

Matty was just so mad at them for not coming to him about it, yet he barely made time for either of the two women. 

So really, what are they supposed to do? Blurt it out at a cocktail party?

“Does anyone else want a martini? I used to be a stripper.”

Or just interrupt him when he was with another girl to randomly tell him that many  years ago they danced for money? 

And who cares of they stripped. It’s a perfectly legal job. I’m sure the other girls have done things in their pasts to get ahead in aspects of life when they were faced with an easy option. 

Good on them for using what they had to get a little further in life, financially I’m talking. Not relationship wise obviously.

It’s the men who urge them on who are the idiots. Blowing $50 for a five minute lap dance. 

There are so many better things I could do with $50 in five minutes. 

But side note: Leah had to go. So if that’s what did it then I should stop complaining because that woman was a terrible person. 

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