Attention Mr Zuckerberg

Depression rates are super high nowadays. It’s a world wide thing and it’s really sad that it’s affecting so many people, who you would least expect it to hit.

I think a lot can be attributed to social media because it’s the one factor that has become consistent in everyones lives and is almost impossible to live without now.

Years ago, there were no phones at work, no social media at work and now it’s almost a necessity for all jobs to have both accessible to you at all times.

I can’t do my job without Facebook or my phone and many others are in the same situation.

Just going on to Facebook to track down a contact for a 24/7 plumbing service, I have to open my feed first and be reminded that 367 out of my 675 friends (Or lets be honest, people who I did a three hour paddle boarding course four years ago with, or my high school house captain who once handed me a medal) are either travelling the world, married with kids, just engaged or running their own business.


And while thats ok for me to see, because I’m happy with my lifestyle (most of the time. I do get sad when I run out of Nutella. And when The Good Wife stopped airing.) this can’t be great for everyone else, especially those who are depressed because of these reasons.

So I think that from now on, when you go into Facebook, there should be a pop up alert that asks how you are feeling and allows you to exclude certain images and posts from your news feed for that day.


Because, like I said, Im always happy but there are days that I don’t want to be reminded that some of my besties are up to their third baby, or what my ex is having for breakfast with his new girlfriend, or how many kms my hairdresser ran that morning

There could be a checklist that you select from depending on your mood perhaps.

For example….

Please select what you would like to exclude today:

  • Family photos
  • New babies
  • European Vacations
  • Smoothie images
  • Attention seeking statuses (e.g. Stacey Miller is sad today)
  • Hashtags with #bestlife #lovemylife #mylifeisamazing
  • Pre-drink or nightclub bathroom selfies
  • Gym selfies (Zac Efron exempt)
  • Engagement announcements

Come to think of it. It could even say ‘Exclude today, or exclude everyday’ because I know I could live without never having to see or comment on an attention seeking status.

If this checklist actually ever happens though, I’m certain my daily newsfeed would just consist of my sisters seinfeld scenes uploads and you tube music tracks and probably just other people’s dog photos.

Not a bad situation if you ask me.

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