Them crazy ladies

As much as men are really frustrating and stupid sometimes (understatement? all the time perhaps) I can’t help but feel sorry for them.

Sometimes (this one is not an understatement).

I’ve come across a lot of situations in court where there are males who have been convicted for failing to comply with apprehending violence, and restraining orders.

The cases have all seen that the person who asked for the order to be placed, generally a female, has actually been the one to contact the accused, and invite them over and has actually wanted them there.

It’s like, one day the woman is like “Don’t touch me! Get out of my house! I hate you! You threatened me! I am scared of you! POLICE!!!!”

And the next day “Hey baby, wanna come over? I’ve put a roast on. Bring your PJ”s.

PMS at its finest.

What do women want……..

In my case, it’s simple. Another dog.


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