Paying for abuse

I wonder, what are the prerequisites for the disability pension?
It’s so hard to get anything from Centrelink these days, and it seems to be the more legitimate people are, the more hurdles they have to get through in order to receive the benefits.

There are that many people that scam the system, or get too comfortable while others are busy filling out forms, getting to appointments, lining up in queues and holding for hours on end on the phone just to be able to verify they are in fact studying, or with child, or have been made redundant.

I came across a male today who was in court due to a domestic violence offence.

His lawyer actually tried to plead with the judge for a lesser fine because the male was on a disability pension.


If you can hit a person, you can get a job.

Centrelink, get your shit together.

I would also like to add here that the disability rate is higher than the single parent rate.

Dear Centrelink,

I would much prefer the lady with a baby get my hard earned taxes then the man who hits her.


A former benefits claimer who endured four months or paperwork, phone calls, queues, document searches and Justice of the Peace signatures (cos that’s really easy. These people have the best jobs. Pretty sure they only work three hours a day, two days a week), to be able to prove that she was in fact studying full time, and living alone as an independent individual.

Apparently my empty little black book and bank statements of text books did not suffice.

Maybe next time I’ll flick them a selfie of myself with a lecturer.



And maybe another one of me and the dog at home on a Saturday night with a jar of Nutella watching “How to be single” from Rebel Wilson.

Although the scenario would have to be staged because I would never actually do this (*insert emoji with Pinocchio nose here)

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