Margherita mayhem

Dominoes Pizza have taken the classic margherita pizza of their menu.

Have you recovered from this shock yet?


It’s made headlines all over the country, and to help those who are wounded, Pizza Hut is dishing out free margherita pizzas all over Australia.


The margherita is actually one of my favourite pizzas, but who really orders off the menu anymore anyways?

“I want a supreme pizza, no tomato, capsicum on half, no mushrooms but with extra cheese instead.

That’s pretty much the norm these days.

I guess that now, instead of ordering a margherita, you would have to say “Can I get a cheese pizza with fresh tomato and basil.”

Poor darlings.

Time to move on folks.

Also, I think it’s pretty sad that Pizza Hut are giving out free pizza’s to greedy and stingy margherita lovers with nothing better to do then sit and wait out the front of a pizza shop for some free bread, cheese and tomato when there are a lot of people and families out there who would love a free pizza and are much more worthy of it.

I mean, what about running them down to meals on wheels?

Imagine their surprise when they open up the door to what they think is another batch of carrot soup, to find a margherita pizza instead.

I don’t think that would upset anyone. Except a vegan.

But lets be honest, even carrot soup would probably upset a vegan. I’m sure there would be some component or broken principal that would make it inedible.

Maybe the coriander seeds in the soup were grown in the backyard of a dairy farmer who milked his cows without gloves.

“Keep your coriander seeds to yourself mate”- National Vegan Society

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