Let the voting begin

There’s been a lot of recent mention about having a national ‘secure’ vote here in Australia soon, to legalise same sex marriage.

This is great, however I really don’t think there is a need to make it secure.

With all the protests held accross every state throughout the country, every day, I’m pretty sure that no one is concerned with keeping their same sex marriage opinions to themselves.

Those signs are not discreet and do not hold themselves up.

And it’s not like they whisper things to the politicians who walk past the protests.


Plus, I feel like a lot of same sex couples would rock up to vote together making it pretty darn obvious that they are for the decision. 

I mean… it’s probably only worth keeping secure for the closet gay commitment phobes who can vote against, putting their fear of being wedded ahead of basic human rights.

I wouldn’t put this past some people.

Ok men. I mean men. 

Because let’s be honest… all women are like “lets get married tomorrow!”

Anyways…. I really do hope they bring in this vote because it’s about time we abolish inequality. 

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