Bullies be gone 

I’ve discovered why there is no “bachelor kids’ series. 

It’s because the current series is actually Bachelor kids.


These women are such bullies. They are just really really mean, and in a childish way.

I’m talking huddle in a corner and whisper pretty damn loudly about other contestant’s and also literally yelling out nasty comments to each other in random outbursts, with the bachelor present.

At least a mean adult would have the common sense to be more discreet. Text your thoughts, use an emoji or have a private bitch behind closed doors. Not in front of the camera, or the man you are all ‘in love’ with.

It made me really sad, because in reality, these sort of people exist across so many contexts and while it may appear to be harmless on the show, it’s people and acts like this that drive others to depression, self harm and suicide.

I just don’t understand how someone can behave this way, knowing how much their actions are affecting another person.

You are intentionally making someone else sad.

Don’t these bitches know what it’s like to be sad? Why would the ever force that emotion on another human being?

A very rare serious post from justlaughlots.

Sorry readers. Won’t happen again.

To end in humour, the other reason the show is filled with children is this ‘secret garden’ that is new to the show, which allows Matty to take a woman out to this special place for one on one time.

They could have just said there was one on one opportunities to be had. I mean the women aren’t smart, but I think they could have grasped the concept without giving it a special name.

That is definitely the kind of language you would use to bribe an eight year old.

“If you finish your broccoli, I’ll take you to a ‘secret garden’ Jess”

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