It’s a BO mystery

I don’t understand how people who have terrible BO don’t realise it.

Do they also have blocked noses?

Because there are some really bad cases out there. I’m talking, we can smell it from the next room, or from any seat on the bus, or from any treadmill at the gym.

If the person next to you can smell it, then why can’t you?

It’s like when people spray perfume. They can smell it on themselves. And when people fart, and can smell it themselves.

So why don’t they do something?

It’s just such a yucky thing for other people to have to experience. At least farts only smell for a minute or so. But BO stays.

And generally when you fart, you realise and smell it and slowly remove yourself from the group if people around you.

People with BO don’t ever back away from a conversation.

How can the people themselves stand it? No one ever loved the smell of BO. And it is so distinct it cannot be mistaken for anything else.

When it’s so bad that it can me smelt by so many people, they MUST know surely. So why don’t they do something?

Showers aren’t difficult. Deodorant isn’t expensive.

I was on the bus today and someone came and sat behind me and their odour was terrible. I actually felt really sick from it.

I didn’t want to be rude, so I just leaned forward as much as I could, until I was basically tasting the hair of the person seated in front of me.

My guess would have been a pomegranate and mango shampoo.

It was better then BO but I decided to give up being polite and just up and move, because it wasn’t like I would ever see this person again, and besides, there could be a number of reasons for moving seats.

Maybe I didn’t like the taste of the person in front of me’s hair (doubtful. Everyone likes a pomegranate.)

But I turned around before I was about to get up and got a bit scared because the smelly man looked capable of murder.

Not that it’s heard of to find people slain after criticising others for bad BO. But I didn’t want to take any chances so I stayed in my seat.

And two stops later I just couldn’t handle it anymore, and figured I would just have to fight him off if he tried to kill me.

Just…. people need to stop and smell themselves every now and then. That’s all I’m saying.

It shouldn’t be slip slop slap, it should be stop, sniff, spray.

And I don’t know why it’s ever described as bad BO. There is no good BO. There is not even average BO. BO is a terrible thing.

There should be no classification.

It’s like saying that man on the bus was a bad murderer.

There are no good murderers.

Only smelly ones.

Even prison has showers, so best he end up in jail anyways with some pomegranate and mango shampoo using cell mates.



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