Little to the imagination

It hasn’t even started yet, but I’m so pumped for this years Bachelor.

Already the news is in about some of the contestants.


Today it’s all about how one bachelorette did not know how much flesh she was revealing in her opening night dress.

This is the article.

Is she kidding? “I didn’t realise how revealing it was,” she says.

I think when the producers said ‘take your underwear off’ that should have been an indicator.

Or maybe you could have realised when you thought you were just handed a coat hanger to wear because you couldn’t see the transparent dress hanging off it.

And we all know what a mirror is.

I would have much more respect for her is she just said ‘I’m hot. I had 11 other girls to compete with and I wanted to stand out and leave little to the imagination,’ because that she did.

And that’s fair enough. Although I think we could have figured out just fine that she had a kick ass body if she rocked up in a potato sack.

There’s another way to stand out darling.

I think whats happened here is that she is searching for a short cut to land a role on home and away.

And what better way to do that then to show them what you’ve got.

And what you don’t got….pubic hair.

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