Leave Stefanovic alone

Today host Karl Stefanovic has been slammed over making ‘sexist’ comments about channel 9’s Ninja Warrior.

He suggested that the competition should use different courses for men and women.

For more info, click here.

I’ve just learnt that not only is it the same course for both sexes, but also for the actual competition. So a man and woman are expected to have the same feats of strength in order to win the course.


I don’t think he was out of line here.

It’s fact. Men are stronger then women. It’s genetics. And it’s not a bad thing, it’s just the way life is.

No one ever says “I need a few young women to come over and help me move house,”

Because the way our bodies are built, Men have things that women don’t and women have things that men don’t.

Ladies need to accept that and move on. Men don’t crack the shits that they can’t grow babies inside them. Because they know it is just a physical thing.

They don’t crack the shits that they can’t menstruate. They might want to. It’s a pain in the ass but hey, we get out of work, sex (ok… not so much a use here for men) and plenty of other stuff with this little excuse. Every women has said the ‘c ‘work to a male boss to spend the afternoon at the beach. I am referring to cramps here, not the other c word. Throwing the other c word at the boss would result in a lot more time then just an afternoon to spend at the beach.

But really, what do women want? We can’t be all like ‘Oh..I need a big strong man to come move my sofa out of the spare room,’ and ‘can you carry my groceries in dear?’ then suddenly decide it’s sexist when a TV host suggests differentiating a physical strength and endurance competition between sexes.



If people disagree with Karl, then they are basically saying that men and women should also play in the same tennis competition. Or hell… we may as well open up the ninja warrior challenge to kids. And dogs.

Calm down women. He is not sexist. He is just stating the facts.

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