Bachelorette to actress

This just in: former bachelorette Sam Frost has landed a role in Home and Away.

There’s a lot of slamming going on with people claiming that she is taking away an opportunity for trained actors to be on the show.

It’s Home and Away. Not NCIS.

I don’t think any of the actors on Home and Away are trained.

Settle down. 

She’s not taking any opportunities away from anyone, expect the next Miss Australia who needs something to do between now and her next runway gig.

It’s the directors and casting crew that are taking opportunities away from Australia’s trained actresses by continuing to recruit based on looks.

They’ve made a role for Sam Frost who’s resume consists of recieving and handing out roses for 2 years followed by an unsuccessful attempt at radio.

In all honesty I actually love the girl and wish her all the best. 

People just need to calm down and realise that if Sam Frost is taking opportunities from trained actors then so are the rest of the crew on home and away.

Expect maybe Alf. And Irene. And Johnny Ruffo. He is just divine.

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