Eharmony’s econfidence

If you have ever used Eharmony, you would know that although they advertise that it’s free, you do have to subscribe to get anywhere.

Unless you just want to look at pictures of people. But you could do that on google, or in real life if you just look at people. And also if thats the case then you’re a bit weird.

The subscriptions however are for 24 months.

Last I checked, Eharmony is a site to find love. It’s for those people looking to settle down and find the one.

Probably don’t advertise 24 month subscriptions, because you are suggesting that it is going to take two years minimum to find someone.

That’s ridiculous.

Women are on a clock. We want babies and menopause is inevitable.

When I rock up at a dates house for the first time, the first thing I do is check the freezer to make sure there will be room for my eggs.

The site are not selling themselves well, or placing much confidence in their product if they think it will take two years to obtain any possible relationship match.

Maybe they should offer different subscriptions for different types of people, based on looks and career etc.

So if your ex Miss Australia and a doctor and have no kids or never been married, non smoker and fit as a fiddle, and three houses in the Sunshine Coast you would be offered a month subscription.

To be honest, if this type of person was single I’d feel much better about being single myself.

And if you’re an ex convict, three time divorcee, checkout operator with four kids and a rental in a housing trust suburb in the middle of Elizabeth with swine flu then you may be offered a 108 month subscription.

In which case you may as well wait until the next time you are behind bars to find someone.


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