That hairdryer girl

I’ve been cycling to work and getting changed in the shower bathrooms on the bottom when I arrive, before heading up to the office.

This morning, after being out with photographers I needed the bathroom when we returned to the building so I used the ones I had previously gotten changed in on the first floor.

When I went in, I saw that I had actually left my giant hair dryer by the mirror earlier.

So I figured, I had to take it back with me. I didn’t want anyone to take it and I didn’t think it would be there if I waited to grab it when I finished up for the day, on my way out.

I got back to the office and had to walk through to my desk, carrying the hairdryer. I had no pockets, plus this thing was huge so it was pretty damn obvious.

I got a few bizarre looks.

Thing is, Ive only been here part time for a few weeks. I don’t know my peers well enough to just jump in and initiate a conversation to explain the situation.

They don’t all know that I cycle to work. They must have wondered what was going on.

They all noticed it and just looked at me funny.

What was I supposed to do?

“Hows your day going Jess? See this hair dryer? Well what happened was….

Would it have made the situation weirder if actually sparked that conversation?

I contemplated trying to bring the opportunity into the conversations throughout the day.

“Hey Danni, hows that dog registration piece coming along?”

“Good. There is actually a discount if the dogs have been washed. Because then once they are dry, they smell nicer and thats better for the community but you have have to have a good hair dryer I guess.

“I actually have a good one. Funny story…It’s here today because I cycled to work this morning and…..”

I figured that regardless of what was happening next, it was going to be weird so I did nothing and now they all think I’m the girl who walks around the office with a hairdryer.

In case of an emergency?

Although if you saw my hair on most days then this wouldn’t be a crazy theory to be honest.

I’m waiting for the day when someone spills water down their top and comes running to me.

Wheres your hair dryer Danni??


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