My 67 degrees latte

Them people who ask for extra hot coffee….

You know you can’t drink it until it cools down right? 

Just to be clear… I’m pretending to blow. I ordered my latte at the normal temperature because I plan on drinking it.

With all the almond milks, double shots, iced, tall, soy, decaf gibberish… the extra request is really unnecessary.

If your going to drop something, drop that one.

With all this fine coffee experiences and cafes coming alive all over the world, Id say that 95 per cent of baristas are so trained and experienced enough to know what they are doing.

Coffee is hot. Pretty sure it’s rule number one in their hand books.

With all this fussiness I’m certain that soon enough people will be requesting it to the actual degrees of temperature they require, or the number of ice cubes in an iced order.

When this happens…I think the baristas will need a pay rise. And maybe therapy.

Just order your zymill, half strength, no froth in a mug at the normal temperature. Us normal peeps already have to patiently wait behind you while you relay your essay of requests to the cashier.

There should be two queues:

1) Ordering directly from the menu.

2) Trying to be a yoga quinoa instagtam coeliac.

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