Sunday rates are justified


My favourite day of the week. The day to do nothing, stroll down the beach, share some food and just smile. It’s Sunday.


No one should have to work on a Sunday. So with all these pay rates changing, and penalties being added to Sunday shifts, I am totally for them.

The Sunday employee should be earning more then an average rate for working Sundays.



And if the owners of the businesses don’t agree, then they shouldn’t be opening Sundays, or they can work themselves on the Sundays.




They keep crying about not being able to afford being open on Sundays with the rates being increased, yet they are business owners who are reeling it in with their stores and taking Sunday’s off to spend with their families, because it’s Sunday.

If you can’t afford it don’t open, or cover the shift yourself.

The thing is, I’m pretty sure they can all afford it. But the greedy bastards want to keep as much of their earning to themselves to fund their Sunday brunch, rather then dish it out to the Sunday workers.

In saying this, I have no sympathy for the high schoolers who work Sunday for minimal rates.

These kids have so much disposable income and so little qualifications that the more money they earn, the more trouble they will get into.

I worked at a cinema for a bit and it just shocked me when a teenager strolls in, buys a movie ticket and ponders at the candy bar before deciding to grab a large coke, maltesers, large pop-corn and a choc top.

This will come to over $50 in one hit. And they don’t even flinch with you tell them the total cost, they will probably leave 3/4 of the popcorn because they just polished off a burrito from Zambreros, the choc top will melt because they will try to upload a selfie with all their goodies and movie ticket on insta, FB and twitter and the drink will cause them to miss half the movie due to the 9 bathroom breaks they will need.

Plus, it could be a bad movie.

It just shocks me, thats all.



Especially because when I grew up, just the possibility of getting an ice cream in the school holidays (when it was $2 back then) because my nana was visiting was so exciting that it was such a difficult decision deciding which flavour to go with.

Come to think of it, this may have something to do with the ice cream obsession I have now.

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