My cold roll condoms

I made cold rolls this morning for lunch at work. When I had made them, the child in me couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that they really did look like stuffed condoms.

Maybe it was because I had put a lot of filling in them. They weren’t your average cold rolls. They were short and plump. And well… penis shaped.

They were so time consuming to make that I thought to myself that I would not bother going through the process again and that a burrito from next door would be on the menu tomorrow.

But… I just ate them and two things happened.

Firstly, they were so damn delicious that they were worth the hassle to make. And I’m talking setting your alarm an extra 30 minutes early here.

Yes. They were that good.

Secondly…. There is one person in my whole entire office that is somewhat attractive. And I sat down to eat my cold rolls outside where no one ever goes and he happened to come and join me.

He’s talking about the weekend and I’m sitting there stuffing these giant stuffed condoms into my mouth, with fish sauce drilling down my face.

I think we are just going to be friends.

I mean I could have not eaten them. But they were so good and I spent all that time making them.

They must have been so tasty to warrant the loss of a potential future husband and half an hours sleep.

PM me for the recipe.

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