The costs of living

This just in: Paul McCartney is charging like $300 for tickets to his upcoming concert.

So it’s initiated a whole bunch of people speaking out about how high and ridiculous it is, and in general how it’s just getting to be too much to go to these events.

I paid $250 to go see Bruce Springsteen last year. And I would do it again. And again.

Prices are going up, but HELLO?! We keep buying them anyway.

That’s why they are still going up. Why wouldn’t they? Everything is going up. Coffee used to be $3 and now it’s $6 (or $24.50 if you want almond, decaf, weak, double shot, frappe, zymill, African blend.)

Houses used to be $200,000 now they are $800,000.

Beer used to be $4, now they are $9.


So, if everything is going up, then isn’t it logical that concert tickets are also rising?

The costs of putting on the concert are increasing too. The people who do the lights and sound, hiring the equipment, hiring out the venue, door staff, security etc.

Life in general is expensive!

So before you moan about the prices, maybe stop buying things as they go up. No one says ‘I want coffee but it’s gone up 45 cents so I won’t get one.’

If you pay for it anyways, of course its going to keep rising.

Suppliers be like ‘This is great. I upped my prices and these bastards are still forking out the extra bucks.

‘Next week I’ll knock them up again.’

No doubt this man needs the income to fund his own $800,000 mortgages and $9 beers.

Life costs. It sucks but you just gotta go with it because at the end of the day, people are earning more too. Its tit for tat.

I got to get back to my smashed avocado on rye now.

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