Balls be gone

My dog went in for the chop yesterday.

Too little too late if you ask me. He had already knocked up one poor huntaway. 

And there could be more on the way seeing as my dad confessed to taking him to a brothel the night before the operation.

Kind of defeats the purpose of the operation dad. 

I made him get the chop because I got tired of the abuse I was copping when I took him to the beach or the park and he jumped on everything with more then two legs.

People went nuts. But, I ask the men this:

If you had the opportunity to have sex whenever you wanted to, with who ever you wanted to with no consequences or judgement…. you’d be going at it all day long. 

I wonder whether they should invent some some form of contraception for pets? Maybe a pill for the bitches?

You don’t like it, then get a male dog.

Don’t be hating on my pup for tying to pro create.

Actually seeing as he humped males too, I don’t know that it was pro creating, but rather self satisfying.

Still ok. 

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