Thats ok… but is it?

How many times do people say thats ok and actually mean it?

“Sorry i never returned your call.”



And the immediate response is ‘that’s ok.


But is it really?


Why didn’t you return my call? What came up that prevented you from getting around to pushing the call button on your phone, and having a conversation with me?

I don’t think it is ok to be honest. In fact it’s really mean and uncalled for.

Just once, I’d like to say ‘That is not ok. You clearly forgot about me and decided you had more important things to do.

And I’m sorry, but if i get the ‘got kids’ excuse one more time…..

Ok. So you have kids. So do millions of other people on the planet who still manage to maintain a social life and contact with those that matter.

Last time I checked, kids sleep. And I’m pretty sure it takes two to make them unless you are the Virgin Mary, so the other half can surely take over while you send a text.

So no. It’s not ok that you didn’t return my call because one of your kids threw a tantrum because Peppa Pig was not on her juice box.

Next time, get her the Peppa Pig juice.

And to be honest if the Virgin Mary blew me off I’d still be annoyed. If Jesus can turn water into wine then I think he can look after himself.




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