Origami vs alcohol

This morning on the radio, the announcer was so excited about some free origami workshop being held at the city library for school kids, for the holidays. She bragged and bragged and was super sad that she couldn’t attend.

“I really wish I was a kid right now.” she says.

Ok but does she know that adults can drink?

If it was a choice between folding paper and a James Squire Orchid crush…I know what I’d choose.


Doesn’t matter what colour the paper is, or whether I’m making a hat or a kettle.

I’m always going to choose the orchid crush.

Additionally, this origami thing ran for two hours three times a week.

I can have a cider any time of the year, and unsupervised (for the first few anyway.)

My bae bae


These radio announcers…if i’m being honest, its a big career aspiration of mine to land a radio gig so I’ll keep hating on them until I become one!


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