Yes I’ll live in a porterloo

Has anyone ever job hunted…desperately?? Isn’t it funny how the longer you are searching, the more skills you suddenly acquire??

It starts of, as super specific. You have to search for a teaching role in your suburb.

Then it’s slim pickings, so you widen it to cover the whole city, and maybe add in a childcare position as well.

And days later, after no results…you search the whole state and its anything in teaching and then you think you could also be a principal and a nanny.

After weeks of no success, you decide that you can move states, and all your other skills come into play.


You can pour a beer, therefore you can be a bar manager. You worked at hungry jacks for six months, now your a chef. You took a flight to Melbourne when you were nine, and now your a travel agent. You sold your headphones on eBay, and now your a car  salesman. You made your niece a smoothie last night, and now you are a vitamix product demonstrator.

And you can do all these things from anywhere in the world.

Suddenly you’ve almost blown up seek because you’ve run a search for any job in any country.

Found: 1,947,883 results……..And you apply for them all.

Senior Data Accounting Architect

‘Well there was that one time I did my own tax return. And I designed my phone cover.’


‘Definitely got the crack down pat. And I own my own plunger.’

Aged Care support worker

‘Awwww I love nanna.’

Will move to Mongolia and live in a porterloo? Yes.

Will sing and dance in office on request? Yes.

A job’s a job!

Happy job hunting y’all.

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