Tickets please

So… theres this crazy as man in Sydney thats gone and literally surgically implanted a metro card into his wrist so that he can just scan his arm on the ticket gate when he gets the train.

Here’s the actual article.

Because it’s such a damn nuisance to have to reach into your back pocket and grab it out?

Well..I guess you then have to put it back into your pocket too.


I just don’t understand why anyone would do this?

Maybe he should get a car. But I feel like in that scenario he would surgically augment his pinky to resemble that of an exact key cut for his driver door.

I also wonder, when that ticket police man gets on the train to check tickets… this guy would have to explain he didn’t physically have one because he had implanted it into his wrist.

There’s an excuse for all the fare evaders out there……

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