Camilla the home wrecker?

This morning they have referred to Camilla Parker as a home wrecker.

Are you kidding? Pretty sure Charles was the one that was married with two kids and was interested in someone else.



Camilla is only human. (Questionable in this image. One of her parents may have been an echidna.)



I don’t get though, that Charles apparently always loved Camilla, yet the Queen disapproved. So he was frightened to disappoint her and married Diana.

Yet he was not too frightened to destroy his marriage and his family in his pursuit of Camilla.

Mummy’s boy.

Maybe it’s the whole Queen thing too. I mean, most men are easily persuaded by their mothers into pretty much anything. Imagine if your mother also happened to rule the world. You would probably listen to her I guess.

I think Camilla is pretty damn brave to persist in her pursuit of her first love. And blind if she finds the big ears and bald thing attractive.

It takes two to home wreck. Ok three if there’s a threesome involved.


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