Time wasting movies

I think it’s funny when people bitch and moan about how they watched a movie that was really dull and are upset that it wasted their time.

Regardless of whether the movie was entertaining or not I don’t know that there could have been much more productivity established in those two hours.

I mean, you could have scrolled through Facebook or Insta and learnt that your grade six teacher has remarried, or that you can make a pizza base with cauliflower.

But both of these things would not have made the two hours much more productive. Because your year six teachers marital status is of no relevance to any future plans you might have. And the cauliflower pizza base defeats the purpose of having pizza.


Next time, I think what you wanna do is not sit down and watch a movie because there are always more productive things to be doing.



Don’t get me wrong. I love watching movies. But I’m not going to complain that a bad one has wasted two hours of my life when the alternative, had it been a good movie would have had the same result with the addition of a few gasps, bouts of laughter and maybe a tear or two.

How much more productive is that?

When you sit down to watch a movie, the whole point is that you are doing nothing.

It’s like having coffee and complaining that you are suddenly so awake. Thats what caffeine does.



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Single blogger who wants to make all the ladies laugh out loud at life's small misfortunes .

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