Play dead

hacksawridge_cliprescue.jpgI watched Hacksaw Ridge last night.

First of all… BEST MOVIE EVER. The only thing missing was Zac Efron.

But also, a thought came to my mind that sort of goes for most war movies. There were plenty of scenes where bodies were just sprawled across the floor, or lugged onto a cart. Spoiler alert sorry. Although it’s sort of common sense that there will be dead people in a war movie. Just like there will be a shirtless scene in a Zac Efron film.

These bodies were actually people, actors I guess. So I wonder what the audition process is for these roles?

You just come in and they tell you to lay there? And maybe make bomb noises and throw some other actors in to run around you?

And could you imagine if you do go for one of these roles, and you don’t get it? How could you stuff up that audition? Why would they turn anyone down?


Imagine coming home after being turned down and explaining that one to the other half.

“What do you mean you didn’t get it?!”

…………”They didn’t like the way I laid down on the floor and closed my eyes.”

It’s movies like this that make you wonder how anyone in Hollywood is still out of work. Surely there can’t be many people fighting for roles like this….



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