What goes with chocolate…

Ok, so here’s another Masterchef cop out.

I don’t mean to be hating on the show, I actually do watch it and enjoy it, but there is just so much material coming to me that I can’t resist.

Last night, one of the contestants freaked out because his idea of some sort of beef dish with blackberry puree and chocolate dipping sauce was questioned by the judges.

“What? you don’t think beef and chocolate make a good combination?”

So, he legged it to the fridge and pantry, claiming to be in search of something other then beef, to go with the chocolate.

Get this. He re-emerges, with lamb.

I think what you were looking for is sprinkles mate.

And, in addition I laughed so hard when I remembered this previous post that suggested that one day the contestants will try putting chocolate in a beef stir fry. I was obviously joking, but it’s possible that Callan came across my idea and was inspired.

Next time I’ll trademark my suggestions.

The only time I would ever mix lamb with chocolate….

Wanna hear more more Masterchef banter??? Sure you do! Click below for some more laughs.

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