Masterchefing at home…

So, I was thinking just now….

I wonder if ex masterchef contestants get home and will cook breakfast and narrate as they go.

Wife gets up to find hubby in the kitchen .

Hubby: ‘Today for breakfast, I’m going to make a green apple egg wash with a wasabi lime quinoa muesli.

‘I’m really confident that the flavours for the dish will complement the morning palette.

Side note: I literally made up the fancy breakfast dish mentioned above and then went to google images when I had finished my post for ‘fancy breakfast’ and I’m not even kidding…eggs on quinoa appears. 

‘It’s really important that I get the texture of the quinoa right because if it’s overcooked the dish will not balance with textures and the lime will drown the grain.’

Wife: ‘Ok well I’m just going have a bowl of nutri grain.’


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