Back to it

Remember that time you couldn’t drive and had to up and move from the bottom to the top of Australia and quit your job because you lived in a town that had no public transport or cabs or sun or social scene and you worked out of home and saw zero humans per day……

Or am I the only one that’s done that?

Then the day you landed in your new state, you got an interview at the daily paper and three days later you were a journalist again?

Only this time, it was in a town 10 times bigger then the previous one, and 10 times warmer and you got to work in an office with face to face human interaction everyday.


Ive said it before, and I’ll say it again.

Everything happens for a reason.

Yes. Yes it does.

Look out for my articles in the Townsville Bulletin. A DAILY  paper that pays almost as much for a part time gig as I was getting for a full time gig at my last job.

It’s part time, but this way I have more time to chase my nieces and read in the sun. Nothing wrong with that…..

And ride my bike.

I’m going places y’all.

Watch this space.

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