Waitin’ on a sunny day

I’m waitin’………

Waitin’ on a sunny day.

Gonna chase the clouds away.

Waiting on a sunny day.

In light of recent events, I’m going from south to north of Australia to pursue my passion for… well… being happy and living life to the max.

I’m chasing the clouds that have dampened the beginning of 2017, legging through them and into the sun.

After a year of living the country life, I have changed for the better with an attitude that embraces people for who they are and gives the time of day to all that matters.

Forget sending troubled teens to councillors and rehab centres. Send them out bush for a year to clean up and all will be right again.


The difference in personality, attitude and passion in the local people of the Tatiara in comparison to the obnoxious folk from Adelaide is huge and obvious.


It only took me a year to realise that there is no point in rushing through life. Every moment is an experience.




Scenario: You have broken your vacuum cleaner.

Country fix: Head down to the hardware store, speak to Ray who owns the store and is still working the front counter despite having plenty of income to cover a salaried front counter position. You learn that Ray has a farm 5kms out of town and his three girls all play for the Mundulla tigers. The eldest is raising money to compete in the Worlds greatest shave and is having a sausage sizzle at the local pool that afternoon. He has the part you need, but is unsure if your model is a new or old version. Ray agrees for you to return the product should it not suit your vacuum cleaner.

Three hours later, you head to the pool, with a vacuumed house and meet Ray’s eldest daughter. You buy a snag for $2 and take a quick dip, before discussing the quietness of the season with the pool attendant who is in year 12 at school and wants to be a vet.

City fix: You go to Bunnings. Spend about 57 minutes in traffic and manage to squeeze into a park after about 12 go’s as it is a tight fit and people keep walking behind you with trolleys. You head into the shop and search for anyone to direct you to vacuum cleaners as the store is as big as China.

You find the section and after so much time you think you have the piece you need and head to the checkout.

Jane at the checkout does not even make eye contact with you and points at a self service machine that is now free for your use before she glances back at her phone to see if her most recent FB check in has received any new likes.

You buy your piece after the self checkout takes your money without hesitation and head home in the traffic, stressed out and anxious to get home and continue vacuuming because The Block starts in 8 minutes.

You get home and the part does not fit but you don’t have the receipt because the self checkout was out of paper. You jump online and buy the first available vacuum that pops up in your search that will arrive in 5-7 working days.

You order in Chinese for $65 because it was free delivery with orders over $50 and watch the block with a dirty carpet.

Now you decide which is the better experience and which one we were put on earth to be exposed to.

The smile to frown ratio in these two experiences would be completely different.

The whole country procedure would see smiles and genuine interest in all that is happening.

The city scenario would be a rush of frowning and anxiety.

We got too greedy folks. Too, too greedy.

Give other people the time of day. That’s why there are other people.



And so begins the next new adventure.

Goodbye Bordertown…. Hello Townsville.

Sunny, sunny Townsville.

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