Please explain.

So, a 17year old walks into a bank and has about $145 in their account and asks for a loan for $50,000.

Would this be approved?

I’m sorry, but computer says no. No, no. no.

Even if they were 18, it’s still a no, right?

So. Why are these kids then able to go to university, commit to a degree and borrow $50,000 in a HECS debt?


It’s the same thing right?

So maybe, just maybe, they should just lend all year 12 students $50,000 upon completion and let them decide what they want to do with it?

I mean, it does not seem fair that if someone wants to be a doctor, all they have to do is pass a test and then they can borrow all the money in the world to achieve their dream. Pretty sure there is no cap when it comes to HECS. (Trust me, I know. I spent five years at university.)

And if someone wants to open up a florist, or volunteer around the world, they have to work their ass off for years, to save enough money to even begin the achieve their dream

And even in this time, it’s highly likely that they will be corrupted with ASOS, smashed avocado, alcohol, ecstasy, spray tans, instagram and sex.


In which case they end up in Colombian prisons or married at 22 with three kids and forgetting their dreams that are not likely to ever be achieved.

But hey, at least they are debt free right.


Debt free. And stupid.

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