Hot chips…Do it properly.

On Sunrise today, they had a brief segment on where to get the best hot chips from with a few panelists there to comment.

One lady, who must have been an editor for some sort of fancy yoga and only ever eat quinoa magazine says “I won’t agree because I really like sweet potato chips. They are much healthier.”

To which the comedian on the panel spoke up “In what way?”

Thank you sir! Hot chips are hot chips. They are made from white potato, not orange potato and not kale.


And they are deep fried. Not oven baked, not slow cooked.

Pretty sure sweet potato fries are deep fried too. And if they have been oven baked, don’t pretend that they taste just as good as a serve of regular hot ships from any other take away store.

It’s bad enough that you people pretend that cocoa nibs are as good as m&m’s.

If you are going to eat hot chips, do it properly. Life’s too short for sweet potato fries.

Quote of the year right there.

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