Why life, why…

This morning. Just, no. I almost wish I had broken a leg yesterday so I had an excuse not to get out of bed today.

I got heavily rained on while out on a one hour walk with my psycho one year old puppy who tried to drag me across the road onto oncoming traffic about 9 times.

I got bombarded by herds of some sort of flying insects that have stuck to my jacket now, because it was drenched.

I was wearing skins, and it took me about 10 minutes to get them off after they got wet. I Like, I actually got a cramp in my stomach muscles throughout the process. I had to do this on the toilet because I was also busting to go after the walk.

I washed my hair this morning (not a common occurrence due to my terrible water pressure and sensitive taps out here in the bush) and it is now in shambles after getting rained on.

I came home to find a $563 fine for driving without my headlights on a month ago.

And I have not had breakfast, but I feel like I might have to start skipping meals to save some money.

Time to break a leg.



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