Tough times

In the space of one week, I’ve lost my hair dryer, my blender and my kettle, all to electrical faults.

I haven’t literally lost them. Like, I’m not going to look under the couch and and find a magic bullet.

I had to dry my hair by my heater yesterday, which meant climbing on the the kitchen bench and knocking over my smoothie (that was blended with an electric whisk) and then was basically deafened when my smoke alarm that was also on the ceiling by the heater went off because the water on the stove that was boiling for my coffee steamed over and went nuts, because I left it unattended for too long whilst I was whisking spinach and ice.

And yesterday, me and Oats got hailed on half way through our walk that began with the sun shining. It’s like mother nature watched me leave the house and went to all her peeps…”Ok, hail crew, on queue…wait for it… OK NOW! GO!”

How can this face not cheer anyone up. Even after a hail storm.


I feel like this may be my queue to leave Bordertown.

Or. I remember that other peoples daily problems can be much worse.




I’ll take the latter, for now.

And watch a Zac Efron movie tonight with some raspberry M&M’s.

No whisking, boiling or drying required for that.


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