Hot chips…Do it properly.

On Sunrise today, they had a brief segment on where to get the best hot chips from with a few panelists there to comment.

One lady, who must have been an editor for some sort of fancy yoga and only ever eat quinoa magazine says “I won’t agree because I really like sweet potato chips. They are much healthier.”

To which the comedian on the panel spoke up “In what way?”

Thank you sir! Hot chips are hot chips. They are made from white potato, not orange potato and not kale.


And they are deep fried. Not oven baked, not slow cooked.

Pretty sure sweet potato fries are deep fried too. And if they have been oven baked, don’t pretend that they taste just as good as a serve of regular hot ships from any other take away store.

It’s bad enough that you people pretend that cocoa nibs are as good as m&m’s.

If you are going to eat hot chips, do it properly. Life’s too short for sweet potato fries.

Quote of the year right there.

Accident schmaccident

A fisherman catches a 4 meter bull shark, ties it upside down and posts it all over social media.

Here’s what I mean…

I won’t post the pic, because I am an animal lover.

But what annoys me, is this man is saying it was an accident.

How do you ‘accidentally’ kill a 4 meter bull shark, then proceed to hang it upside down and post it all over social media.

Accidentally drove a stake through it’s heart?



If your just a fisherman, why sort of fishing materials would enable you to kill a shark? Unless you were fishing in World 4 of Super Mario, when you’re in giant world.


If it was an accident freaking bury it and hey, probably don’t tell the world.

The dick head even claims they tried to do everything they could to save it once they had reeled it in. I call bullshit. If you’ve got a 4 meter stark on your fishing boat, you do not want that thing to come back to life.

CPR on a shark? Someone’s telling porcupies….


Why life, why…

This morning. Just, no. I almost wish I had broken a leg yesterday so I had an excuse not to get out of bed today.

I got heavily rained on while out on a one hour walk with my psycho one year old puppy who tried to drag me across the road onto oncoming traffic about 9 times.

I got bombarded by herds of some sort of flying insects that have stuck to my jacket now, because it was drenched.

I was wearing skins, and it took me about 10 minutes to get them off after they got wet. I Like, I actually got a cramp in my stomach muscles throughout the process. I had to do this on the toilet because I was also busting to go after the walk.

I washed my hair this morning (not a common occurrence due to my terrible water pressure and sensitive taps out here in the bush) and it is now in shambles after getting rained on.

I came home to find a $563 fine for driving without my headlights on a month ago.

And I have not had breakfast, but I feel like I might have to start skipping meals to save some money.

Time to break a leg.



Tough times

In the space of one week, I’ve lost my hair dryer, my blender and my kettle, all to electrical faults.

I haven’t literally lost them. Like, I’m not going to look under the couch and and find a magic bullet.

I had to dry my hair by my heater yesterday, which meant climbing on the the kitchen bench and knocking over my smoothie (that was blended with an electric whisk) and then was basically deafened when my smoke alarm that was also on the ceiling by the heater went off because the water on the stove that was boiling for my coffee steamed over and went nuts, because I left it unattended for too long whilst I was whisking spinach and ice.

And yesterday, me and Oats got hailed on half way through our walk that began with the sun shining. It’s like mother nature watched me leave the house and went to all her peeps…”Ok, hail crew, on queue…wait for it… OK NOW! GO!”

How can this face not cheer anyone up. Even after a hail storm.


I feel like this may be my queue to leave Bordertown.

Or. I remember that other peoples daily problems can be much worse.




I’ll take the latter, for now.

And watch a Zac Efron movie tonight with some raspberry M&M’s.

No whisking, boiling or drying required for that.