Police service??

I just got a call from the cops, because they were doing follow up calls on the processes that were in place regarding their service.

Are you kidding?

There are crimes being committed as we speak and your calling people who were pulled over four months ago for speeding to see if the cop was friendly?

And just how honest are people going to be about this? I can’t imagine you would give a raving review about someone who cost you a few hundred bucks and six demerits.

It’s like asking someone on death row if the guard served them their last meal with a smile.


I see it more as an opportunity for payback to be honest. I doubt that people are going to report back that their experience was amazing and that they will continue to spend their $$$ and demerits with SAPOL.

“Oh yes, he was lovely to me. I look forward to my next offence.”

Pretty sure it would be more like….

“Actually, he was very rude, he yelled at me for breaking the law and he didn’t even thank me for pulling over when instructed.”

Soooo bottom line here is…. the cops are wasting their own time. They would be much better off hiding in bushes and catching people out on their phones. Or quite frankly sitting at a bar and waiting for people to finish up their ninth pint before stumbling out of the pub and getting behind the wheel.




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