Thin girls are pretend?

This morning on the morning show they were chatting to a woman who had made up her own clothing label. The host went on to say that the best thing about it was that she used ‘real women’ as models rather then skinny women.

Since when were thin girls pretend?

They are still human. They have feelings. They walk, they talk, they work and they play. Just because they may not eat, does not mean they are not real.

We wouldn’t go around calling paralyzed people pretend, just because they can’t walk. And could you imagine if anyone on live TV actually did? They would get shot!

Don’t get me wrong. I think there are some extremely thin girls advertising things that do not look healthy at all and it’s not great for other women to be aspiring to this.

“Pretend women”: Yea cos if you look closely you can see the glue holding her head to her neck. 

But, the sad thing is, that society demands it. And thats YOU! Thats all of us. You wouldn’t look twice at a pair of jeans that was being modeled by a size 14 woman. But if it’s a size 8, suddenly they are the best things ever and you have three different colours and a hat and three shirts on the way because you didn’t want to pay for shipping.

These models work their asses off to look like they do, and although it may not be an ideal career path for all of us, it does not mean that it’s not a job and that they deserve to be treated like terrorists (as do journalists apparently.)

Good on them for following their dreams. I can’t say I would enjoy that particular career path, but hey each to their own.

It’s the same as the politicians. Anyone can be a model. Anyone can be a politician. But who wants to spend years at law school and then hours a day in surrounded by suits and bad coffee. And who wants to spend hours at the gym and then satisfy their hunger with lettuce and a pea.

Bottom line: We have brought on the obsession with body image and we have taken it upon ourselves to punish those people who have worked their asses off to respond to our criticism and demands.

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