Ladies and Gentlemen…wear sunscreen.

I don’t get white people.

And I mean that in the most non-racist way possible, because technically I guess I’m white. But I also have middle eastern background, which means my skin goes dark as in the sun, and I guess I don’t burn or turn bright red like plenty of other Aussies.

(It also means I get ‘randomly’ bomb searched whilst traveling.)

So for me, sunscreen has never been an issue. I actually don’t think I’ve ever purchased a bottle in my life.

But, for all you other whiteies who enjoy being outdoors, or are aware you are going to be outdoors, and the sun is out, I just don’t understand why you come without sunscreen.

It’s not that you forget it because you always arrive and the first thing you will say is ‘Should have brought sunscreen’


‘Or, you say ‘I’m going to get really sun burnt,’


Hello, the sun is not a new thing. Your whitneness is not a new thing.

And it was pretty darn obvious when you left your house (unless you are living underground, so that chic from the movie ‘The Room’ is exempt here. But only her. Unless there is a reader out there who is also being held captive in someone else’s made up dungeon. In which case, i’m impressed that you get internet access. As well as reception underground…)

I don’t know what this is. But white people should.

So why don’t you bring sunscreen?! And then you arrive and it’s the first thing you realise, yet you do NOTHING about it, but bitch and moan to others that you are getting really burnt and you are going to be so sore tomorrow and I’m sorry but searching for shade on a jettyless beach is like searching for sunscreen in my house.

So please, ladies and gentlemen, like the song says, WEAR SUNSCREEN. Or keep your mouth shut and cop the burn.


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