Why do people do this…

Why do people return your call, after you have left a voice mail and then begin the conversation by telling you exactly what you said to them in your voicemail?

“Yea, hi Jess. It’s Jake here returning your call. You left me a voice mail that said you wanted me to call you so that we could confirm the date for our summary on the rubber duck race that happened at Cocky lake on Sunday so that you could….blah blah blah”



Hello…. I’m Jess. I left the voicemail. I know what it said. I know why I rang.

In case your interested, the rubber duck race is an actual event. Click here  if you don’t believe me.



And the other one I wonder about, it why people still answer with ‘hello?’ rather then ‘Hey Jake’. Because its 2017, and 9 times out of 10 we know exactly who is calling us. Yet people still feel the urge to answer as if they are unaware of who the caller is.

And the caller always begins the conversation with who they are. One of these days I’m going to respond to a ‘hello?’ with ‘What the eff Michelle. Are you using a vintage rotary phone? I’m your sister. How do you not have my number saved.’



Because we all know that the caller ID says exactly who they are and exactly what we think of them (if your like me and you have ‘Howard-dickface’ as a contact or ‘Peter-sexy’).

I hope Peter calls me tonight.

Or Henry the Truffle Farmer. Still miss that guy.


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