Council meetings.

I was at one of the ever so dull council meetings this afternoon and a Councillor rambled on about the state of some of our roads and mentioned that there were limbs falling out of the sky.

I immediately pictured driving down a country road at 110kms an hour (ok, in 12 months when I get my licence back, not like today)  and then suddenly a whole bunch of arms and legs just falling from the sky and onto my car.

Then I had a chuckle.

Most entertaining part of the meeting.

I’m sorry if truck washes and feral deer don’t grab my attention.

May as well talk at me about gardening like my driver last week.

After the limbs thing, I spent the next few minutes googling images of giant kettles because my mate was sad that he had to fork out $1500 for a new hot water system.

Full of ideas I am.



My oh my…

So, I just got driven home by a lovely lady (don’t ask me why I had to be driven and I wasn’t driving myself…too soon. Stay tuned for an update when I’m ready to talk about it) but this women, she just bantered on and on about gardening… and do you know what suddenly popped into my mind at the time?

How I had just been emailing my bestie about our upcoming catch up in a few weeks in Perth and we were discussing what we would need and she said ‘a carton of cruisers’.

And I just thought, ‘did she say one carton? like as inVodka Cruiser Sunny Orange & Passionfruit.png just one carton?’

I have no doubt in my mind that we will need several.

Silly girl.

How does this shit just pop into my mind tho? Seriously, alcoholic much.

In my defense, nobody likes hearing about gardenias and soil. But her, anything for a lift. because when you live in the middle of nowhere and uber, buses and taxi’s aren’t a thing and you get hit up about covering a golf day that just so happens to be the BIGGEST day of the year for a middle of nowehere club, well you just gotta put up with a but of gardening banter.

Or you go for a 9km walk.

Next time, I think I’ll consider walking.

Time to email her back. I’ll have to find one of those ‘Gurrllll you crazy’ GIFs.

P.S The gardening lady’s name was Tulip.

I’m not even kidding.


MKR Ep number…I forget

Ok, so I’ve fallen behind on the episode re-caps. My bad. I’ve been too busy with all the night life here in Bordertown (insert super sarcastic face here)….

But anyway, last nights… here’s one for you.

Pete actually said to Alison and Tom who were cooking, after he had eaten his main course;

“What was so much fun, was being able to grab that pork on the fork and swirl it around in the aoli and pick up some of those cute little pickles you had on the plate,”

This is fun?

Pete, maybe you should go to the beacimgres.jpgh. Or get a Wii….

Side note: I miss Henry.