Hmmmmm…. The power of Asians in this competition is always fierce.

I must say, last nights pair did a great job.69a8fe61f564c49794f49448996ca9e1.jpg

I dunno about their tattoos tho. The whole symbols thing confuses me.

“I got a palm tree because it means stand tall and never fall.

I mean, a lightpost also stands tall and will never fall.

Just saying.

MKR Ep 1

Ok, so supposedly the bachelor recaps on Mammamia have  been really popular.

So, I’ve decided to recap My Kitchen Rules, because there are a number of things running through my head every time I watch the show.

Like, firstly…how dumb are you. Well, actually pretty dumb, considering they all whinge and sob about only ever wanting to be cooks, when really, all you have to do is enrol into TAFE and BOOM your working in a kitchen 5 weeks later, a lot sooner then any uni student hits the work force and for thousands of dollars less and basically no minimum entry requirements. Duh.

But anyways, why would you try to cook not one, not four, but 12, yes 12 steaks exactly the same way, when you know you are being critiqued by not only two of the best chefs in Australia, but an entire group of strangers are are competing AGAINST you for $250,000.

And then, if you do decide to go ahead and be an ambitious idiot and try to do this, you would be watching those steaks like a freaking dog waiting for a treat. You do not take your eyes off it, and you stand there and wait. Until every single one has been cooked medium rare and then you can start plating up.

But how did they even think they would manage this?


You take six off, and suddenly they will be cooked, rested and cooler then the other six.

I just don’t understand how they can make mistakes like this when I have no doubt that they are given ample time to come up with a menu and to their shopping and prep.

Next time you go…”hmmm what will we serve for mains”

Do not respond with..”Steak, I have cooked a steak before. I can do it times 12. Easy. Done.”

Where was the responsible wife with the “Well darling, let’s think about this logically, as I would like $250,000,”

But, aside from that…I really like this couple.

And I also really really like Henry the truffle farmer.

Which makes me so so confused because I HATE mushrooms.




Back to work…

I just spent 10 minutes scrolling through my emoji’s to find one that I could put next to a new saved contact for the President of the Rotary club in my work phone.

That’s how much I don’t want to work today after three weeks off.

And I was looking for a boat steering wheel… is that right?

I had to settle for an anchor.

I could have just written -ROTARY next to his name. But that’s no fun.

Always hard to get back into it after the festive season!