I’m single because I’m career focused…

We hear this line so often.

“I’m single because I’m career focused”

No. You most definitely are not let me tell you.

You are career focused because you are single.


I am career focused…because I’m a fussy lady who won’t settle for a man who I can’t fall in love with. Or who does not drink. Or like dogs or the beach. Or is not tall. Or funny. Who won’t eat Nutella out of the jar with me. I could actually be career focused for ever…….

Anyone who has truly been in love knows there is NOTHING that can get in the way of true love. And to be honest, only an idiot would put any career before true love.

Or a completely selfless person who’s urge to help the world can be placed before their own urge to pursue a life that will guarantee happiness and success, in which case I cant help that think that this is because they have never come across true love.

And if I ever came across someone like this, who rejected a life with me over a career, it would only make me feel that they don’t love me enough to be able to put me first.

If you have not ever been in love, you have no idea how it feels, and how it would triumph over any career path or aspirations because it can only ever end in true happiness.

Wow that was deep. Maybe I should finish with a joke. Or a stupid thought…

I did ponder last week whether they have strip clubs in muslim countries. Because it would be extremely difficult to strip off one of those long robes, and follow that with the removal of the berka.

Not only would it be tricky, it would also be extremely difficult to make it look sexy at the same time.

And well…swinging round a pole…I can only imagine the robe would become tangled very quickly.



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