Why were you speeding???

I hate this question.

When you get pulled over, for speeding (obviously this happens to me regularly), and the cop asks what reason you have….

What possible reason could there be that would make it ok? So why ask?

I figure, maybe they are keeping a tally?? There could be a checklist at the station, with a column off the excuses they get, in which case mine of not wanting to miss family feud because it was the fifth night in a row for the Perry family and I was rooting for them to get the car would no doubt become a new column.

Actually, I dunno, the Perry’s were very likable. They might have caught a few speeders that day.

But seriously,why do they ask?

“I’m busting for the loo”

“I’m trying catch someone at the airport to confess my undying love for them”

“I left the oven on”

There is nothing that I can imagine would make them respond with “oh, righto. We’ve all been there…. better hurry along then. Make sure you text people on the way to let them know you are coming. And put some make up on as well in between gears. And there’s a bottlo just 5km down the highway, grab yourself a roadie.”

The other reason could be that they may see the need for a police escort, but I seriously doubt that too.

ME: “I have a murderer chasing me.”

COP: “Why didn’t you call 000?”

ME: “Because then you would be fining me with being on my phone as well.

“And then I would have 2 hefty fines to cover.

“And If i didnt drive, I would have called 000, but I would also be dead.

“I did the most logical thing really.

Pretty sure I would still get fined. And the murderer would get away. And I would never know if the Perry’s won the car.

Just, give us the fine and go get the next person who is as sad as me and rooting for the Perry’s.

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