Why I love the country #2

A boy just asked me out on a date.

That’s right folks. People still do that.

And, he did it in person. He asked me if we could go for a walk. And then asked if it would be ok if we went on a date.

Normally its…lets get drunk, hook up, then keep doing that, then have that awkward conversation about seeing other people, then the Facebook convo, then its meet the parents and walk me down the aisle. All because you got very drunk at mutual friend Jane’s farewell because you were the only two single people there.

I don’t actually think I have ever been asked out on a date.

At 31 years of age.


And let me tell you… I said yes.


Why I love the country…

I’ve just written an article about ‘Willalooka on the green’.

For those that don’t know, which would be all of you, as only those who hail from Willalooka (all 8 of them) can know what it is, it’s basically ‘A day on the green’ event, but a low key country pub version.

What I LOVE is that, firstly, you don’t need to buy a wine glass to have wine.

You don’t need to buy a figure hugging dress from Kookai, get a spray tan, hair extensions, heels, clutch and a manicure to look like you belong, for what, the sake of 5 hours? To be honest, if I did that, I would probably lose my heels, extensions clutch and wine glass after a bottle or two. Which would be a damn wast of hundreds of dollars.

There are wineries coming out for the day, but normal bar facilities are also available. (Try asking for a glass of cokeĀ at a wine festival. I dare you. And I know your thinking why would anyone ask for a glass of coke at a wine festival, and the answer is because they need something to drink the southern comfort in their flask with, because you can’t order southern comfort at a wine festival either, and can’t afford a glass of wine because it is $16 if you include the glass it comes in as well.)

There is a courtesy bus from Keith, which is actually about 60kms away, that only costs $5 per person, and will just keep driving back and forth until there are no people left to transport.

But, the BEST thing…camping. You can bring a tent or a swag, as opposed to a picnic rug and stay the night.14639870_1195952507162977_7790048067054562230_n.jpg

Not only this, but there is also brekky and coffee provided in the morning for ‘sore heads’.



This is why I love the country.

Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty that I don’t love about the country as well.

But for now, I’m focusing on the good. Because sometimes, that’s all you can do.


Why were you speeding???

I hate this question.

When you get pulled over, for speeding (obviously this happens to me regularly), and the cop asks what reason you have….

What possible reason could there be that would make it ok? So why ask?

I figure, maybe they are keeping a tally?? There could be a checklist at the station, with a column off the excuses they get, in which case mine of not wanting to miss family feud because it was the fifth night in a row for the Perry family and I was rooting for them to get the car would no doubt become a new column.

Actually, I dunno, the Perry’s were very likable. They might have caught a few speeders that day.

But seriously,why do they ask?

“I’m busting for the loo”

“I’m trying catch someone at the airport to confess my undying love for them”

“I left the oven on”

There is nothing that I can imagine would make them respond with “oh, righto. We’ve all been there…. better hurry along then. Make sure you text people on the way to let them know you are coming. And put some make up on as well in between gears. And there’s a bottlo just 5km down the highway, grab yourself a roadie.”

The other reason could be that they may see the need for a police escort, but I seriously doubt that too.

ME: “I have a murderer chasing me.”

COP: “Why didn’t you call 000?”

ME: “Because then you would be fining me with being on my phone as well.

“And then I would have 2 hefty fines to cover.

“And If i didnt drive, I would have called 000, but I would also be dead.

“I did the most logical thing really.

Pretty sure I would still get fined. And the murderer would get away. And I would never know if the Perry’s won the car.

Just, give us the fine and go get the next person who is as sad as me and rooting for the Perry’s.